Our decals are not ordinary stickers, and they’re not plastic! They are made out of textile, and feel very pleasant to the touch. They have a matte finish. Feeling is believing, which is why we offer 10% off your first order!
Our decals are printed with water-based, non-toxic child safe ink.
Our decals use unique new glue technology that ensures they can be applied, removed, and reused many times over. You can use them seasonally, change the mood of your room for a party, or change them as your kids grow up!
The decals use a high-quality glue that was invented to not leave any residue. Even in hot, sunny, and humid Singapore we’ve not had any issues with the glue deteriorating over time.
Almost all surfaces! Including most walls, windows, mirrors, cabinets, wood, plastic, IKEA furniture, and virtually any other flat surfaces. Only heavily textured walls (like bricks) and walls coated with specialised non-stick teflon paint are not recommended. We suggest you test a small surface area if you have any doubts about your wall.
Yes, they absolutely are!!! Our decals won’t set on your walls over time. They can be applied, removed, and reused for as long as they are taken care of!
The decal adhesive, although gentle on your surfaces, is strong enough to keep them up on your walls over time. You can even stick the decals on your ceiling!
Each decal is individually cut for a fuss free peel-and-stick process. We include a hard-copy with installation directions with each purchase. If you have any questions, please email us at hello@evercasa.co and we will be more than happy to help you.
You can scrunch the decals in your fist, or fold them over on each other (you know how kids can be) and they can still be unfolded, flattened, and stuck again. Designed to be indestructible... It’s like magic! Seeing is believing, which is why we offer 10% off your first order!
Because the decals are not like ordinary stickers, you can wash them under water with mild soap and they will still stick like new. We’ve even had customers report that washing them in the washing machine is possible! Please read our "How to" to care for our decals and wallpaper, and the hardcopy instruction manual provided with each purchase. Your wall decals are reusable for as long as they remain in good condition and free of dirt. Wall decals that become unusable due to damage or dirt are unable to be replaced.
EVERCASA is founded by design duo Debby Yu and Matthijs Rikken from STUDIO DAM. As designers, we care greatly about the quality, colors, and designs of our products. So much so, that we’ve spent weeks choosing the right colors for some of our products to make sure they look as intended. They are manufactured here in Singapore, and individually checked by us before shipping to ensure they look right. However, not all screens are created equal! Please allow for slight variance in colour to what may be displayed on some screens.
Highly unlikely, but unfortunately sometimes this can happen depending on the condition of your surface. For example, when your wall paint is already flaking or old walls that are covered with multiple paint coats. Because there is no way for us to know the condition of your surfaces, we are not responsible for damage. Please be assured this rarely ever happens.
Pinky-promise! We try to set the right example for our kids every day, so lying about the quality of our product is just not up our alley.
Please read about shipping details here.
You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your order is successfully placed. Please check your junk mail if the email is not in your inbox
To ensure the items reach you safely, they are bubble wrapped or are packed compactly in double-walled boxes. You can see our packaging here.
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All items are individually packed and quality inspected before we send them out to you! On the odd chance that you think your item is faulty please contact us within 7 days of receiving the items. Items used for 7 days or longer are considered to be in good working order. You will be required to then return your items to us for further inspection before a decision on fault is made.
If the incorrect address is entered, fret not! Email us at hello@evercasa.co to update us on the correct address within 1 day of your purchase. Any email sent after would not be granted for change of address.
The customer is responsible for all duties and taxes that may be incurred at and determined by your local customs. Should you refuse your shipment to avoid duties and taxes, we will unfortunately not be able to cancel your order, issue a refund in cash or store credits or pay for the tax in order for you to receive your package. You will also be responsible for all re-delivery of your orders due to this refusal.
We’ve shipped thousands of packages without problems, including all the way from Singapore to Sweden! The Singapore mail service is also considered one of the most reliable globally. Unfortunately this is no guarantee the mail service might lose a package. We are currently not replacing lost packages.
We are not responsible for damages to your surface. Please note this rarely ever happens.