Set of 4 - Shaping My Imagination Removable Wall Decals - Bundle Price 10% off!

Set of 4 - Shaping My Imagination Removable Wall Decals - Bundle Price 10% off!

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"Evercasa's colourful and eye-catching stickers attracted my little toddler’s attention. Absolutely easy, fuss-free and so much fun here, how to miss this amazing sensory experience?" - Jewel 

Buying this bundle ensures that you shave off *more than 10% off the usual price!* This set of 4 comes in a box. 

  • Getting a bundle ensures that your child falls in love with learning and kept interested in education.

  • Swap the decals out whenever your child has reached an educational milestone or is simply in need of something fresh!

  • Store them back in their packaging for future use. Take Note: Don’t dispose of the backing sheet, as you will need it to stick the decals back for easy and proper safe-keeping. 

  • Every decal (big or small) is REMOVABLE, REUSABLE, and REPOSITIONABLE

  • Works on any flat surfaces such as walls, mirrors, windows, glass and furniture. Does not peel wall paint or leave any sticky residue.   


Product Details

  • Set of 4 includes the following educational decals: 
    1. Shapes & Colours
    2. In the Kitchen
    3. A Trip to Space
    4. Beach Day

  • Sizes start from a height of 4cm.
  • Removable, Reusable, and Repositionable
  • User-friendly: Each decal is individually cut for simple peel-and-stick process
  • Made with self-adhesive fabric material with a matte finish
  • Printed with high-quality water-based inks


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Singapore Delivery: 2-3 days
International Delivery: 14-20 days


    • Ensure that your walls are free of dirt, dust, or mold before pasting.
    • To clean, use a damp cloth to lightly dab and wipe.
    • For best results, do not paste on textured walls, and walls with multiple coats of paint.
    • Contact us at for any inquiries.

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